Fire in Ponta do Pargo approaches houses

The flames that burn in Ponta do Pargo, since Monday morning, approach houses located in the Corujeira area.

Two vehicles from Madeiran Volunteer Firefighters, which reinforce the means that the Calheta Volunteer Firefighters sent to the site, are trying to protect the houses.

According to the DIÁRIO in the area of operations, the main concern of the operational staff, at this moment, is to prevent the fire from passing into the Fajã da Ovelha area, which would make it very difficult to fight the flames. The intense wind that is felt in Ponta do Pargo has also not helped the firefighters.

In Corujeira there is a residential area and a tourist resort, which are beginning to be safeguarded by the residents, who are cleaning and wetting the land, in order to avoid approaching the fire.