An explosion registered early morning in the Santa Luzia area, in Funchal, is generating great apprehension. The blast was felt almost all over the city.

At this time are the two corporations in the city with services highlighted to try to control the occurrence.


No injuries, an annex destroyed and a big scare caused by two big explosions. It can thus be summarized the occurrence registered shortly after the beginning of the dawn of this Thursday, in Funchal.

The blasts – apparently from at least two gas cylinders – were clearly audible in several areas of the city, but caused greater tension among the residents who live in the areas near the residence where the events occurred.

For reasons that have yet to be investigated, the explosions took place inside the annex of a residence located in the alley of Pão Duro, which is accessed via the new street of Santa Luzia.


Eusébio Fernandes Video


As far as JM was concerned, the intervention of the Madeiran Voluntary Firefighters, the first corporation to arrive at the site, which is under its operational scope, was sufficient.

PSP also deployed agents to the site.

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