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The National Republican Guard is monitoring the mandatory quarantine situation that takes place at Quinta do Lorde. According to Lt. Col. Marco Nunes, 30 military personnel were deployed to the site, who provide support in three different shifts.

The indication of the presence of GNR in this resort in Caniçal, where passengers arriving in Madeira are quarantined, is confirmed by the Communication and Public Relations Officer of the Madeira Territorial Command, who indicates that this concerted action with PSP has been taking place since yesterday.

It should be noted that, in today’s edition of Diario, the PSP Union challenged GNR to “come to the street” and help in the fight against the covid-19, namely in Quinta do Lorde. Adelino Camacho spoke of the need to support PSP agents who are supervising and controlling people during this state of emergency.

Marco Nunes affirms that this operation has been going on without any problem, and the means on site will be adapted according to the number of ‘guests’ who are quarantined in this tourist resort.

From DN