Another tropical night (minimum of 22.8 ºC) in Santa Cruz

Last night returned to being tropical in Santa Cruz / Aeroporto, which registered 22.8 degrees centigrade (ºC) of minimum air temperature. It was the second consecutive night with air temperature values ​​always above 20 ºC.

On this last night, the same happened in the meteorological stations of Funchal / Observatório and Ponta do Sol / Lugar de Baixo, in both cases the extreme value of the minimum temperature was 20.0 ºC recorded already at dawn (07:00).

During the dawn of this Friday, Santa Cruz reached a maximum air temperature of 23.4 ºC (05:20). In Funchal / Observatório the maximum night was 21.2 ºC (01:40) and in Ponta do Sol / Lugar de Baixo 22.1 ºC (02:00).

It should also be noted that among the 21 automatic weather stations that make up the IPMA network in Madeira (20) and Porto Santo, locations such as Prazeres, Ponta do Pargo and Porto Moniz recorded temperature values ​​over 20 today as well. ºC.

Bica da Cana, located at more than 1500 meters of altitude, was today, until 07:00, the coldest season with 10.2 ºC.

From Diário Notícias

I really love this dry hot heat, with the low humidity. So it can stay all summer if it wants.