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The La Vie Shopping Center, in Funchal, is preparing to reopen its stores to the public next Monday, May 4, guaranteeing complete security for visitors and employees.

After the Regional Government decreed the opening of Shopping Centers, all La Vie tenants were contacted in order to ensure the “reinforcement of the contingency, safety and hygiene measures plan for all employees and all visitors who visit Monday will increase”, says the La Vie administration, recalling that this space“ was not closed on any day and always kept stores that could be secured during the emergency period, with protection measures appropriate to cash flows. people who have been reduced ”.

At this moment, we are entering “another cycle, of the need to consciously reactivate the economy, of the obligation of individual protection and of everyone around us, as well as of the management of adequate expectations regarding the time that it will be necessary to maintain altered previous habits. ”, Also points out a source from the Shopping administration who will have, next Monday, a clear orientation to guarantee the safety of its visitors and employees, implementing“ strictly all the measures defined by the Regional Government ”.

Tight security

Security at the La Vie shopping center will be guaranteed through “conditioned access to the use of a mask, in one of the models available for this purpose, doors exclusively for entry and exit, circuits defined with specific signage and control of the maximum number of people at any time inside the shopping center, as well as by reducing the capacity of the car park to 1/3 ”.

Cleaning services will also be reinforced in order to comply with all DGS recommendations, with vigilance being maintained over the recommended social distance criteria.

In parallel, La Vie management will implement “adequate control routines to ensure compliance with all rules, including the reinforcement of cleaning care within the stores, as well as all employees of the shopping center and stores will be subject to two daily measurements of temperature”.

Opening hours

With regard to opening hours, the car park will operate between 7 am and 11 pm, while the Shopping Center will be open between 9 am and 10 pm.

In catering, as it is known, only the takeaway service will be available for now, with hairdressers subject to prior appointment.

The administration also informs that La Vie Funchal’s commitment to the rules of gradual deflation in Madeira, is “total” in order to “contribute to an exemplary image of the Region in the international panorama, which will be very useful next, to continue to be a privileged and awarded destination ”.

Adaptation of habits and social distancing are protection needs and the motivation is to safely and responsibly suspect.

La Vie also ensures that all the teams in the shopping center and shopkeepers are “prepared for the new cycle”, being important “not to regress in the good results achieved” and maintaining “total commitment and involvement in guaranteeing safety and functioning in the ‘new ‘normal’.

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