Binter confirms to the Regional Government the resumption of the Porto Santo line within days

Binter will restart the operation between Madeira and Porto Santo within days. Confirmation is from the Regional Secretary for Tourism and Culture, after a new contact made this morning with the Canary Islands airline.

“On the part of the carrier, it was confirmed that there is no need for further information or additional documentation on the part of the Regional Government, which means that it is organizing the return to operation on the Madeira-Porto Santo route”, he explains through a press release.

The regional secretary for Tourism and Culture considers “good news at an important moment when the Region is creating all the conditions for the relaunch of the tourism sector in Madeira and Porto Santo”. Eduardo Jesus says that the carrier’s recognition is in line with the Regional Secretariat for Tourism and Culture has been affirming for several days and that it results from the “insistence on the part of the Regional Government to create the necessary conditions for the company to resume the trips so important for the connections between the two islands of the archipelago ”.

It is recalled that Binter stopped operating on the line on 17 March due to the pandemic and the mandatory quarantine imposed on passengers arriving in Madeira.

From Diário Notícias

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