Madeira has 91 positive cases of covid-19, according to the IASAÚDE communication. Of these, two remain active.

“Today, a new positive case for COVID-19 was confirmed, in the context of screening passengers who arrived in the region on 06/17/2020. This is a case imported from the Lisbon and Tagus Valley Region The patient has remained in Lisbon since February, having an official residence in the municipality of Santa Cruz. The epidemiological investigation of the case is ongoing “, the document said, confirming the emergence of a new case today.

“The 2 active cases remain in a hotel, without the need for hospital care,” added ISAÚDE.

“In total, there are 884 people accompanied by the health authorities of the various municipalities in the region, 415 people under active surveillance and 469 under self-surveillance”, it can also be read in the document sent to our newsroom.

On the lines created under the Contingency Plan for covid-19:

• The total number of services provided by the IASAUDE psychological support line (291 212 399) is now 1356, with 143 people being monitored by the professionals of this Institute;

• The SRS24 Line contacts (800 24 24 20) total, to date, 8608.

Regarding other tests for COVID-19 screening carried out, it is noted that:

• The total of samples processed at the Clinical Pathology Laboratory of SESARAM, EPE is, to date, 19916.

• The number of users targeted for testing the COVID-19 in RAM is 17912.

From Jornal Madeira