The President of the Regional Government, Miguel Albuquerque, will be present tomorrow, September 16, 2020, at 11:30 am, in the parish and municipality of Calheta, at the inauguration ceremony of the new Health Center of Calheta.

The Calheta Health Center is an investment of 3.4 million euros, 85% reimbursed by IDR and 15% by Misericórdia da Calheta, which owns the project.

The new health unit is located in an area of ​​3,791 square meters.

The infrastructure is developed in the same place where the old Health Center was located. The building to the south was refurbished and increased by another floor and the second building was completely renovated.


FLOOR 1 (part created over the Urgencies, completely new, that is, Building 1, FLOOR 1): medical offices, nursing offices, meeting / training room, archive, psychology office, nutritionist, Health Delegate Office;

Building 2, FLOOR 1 (existing): Speech Therapy, Laundry, Cafeteria, Kitchen, Dentist’s Office, Physiotherapy.

FLOOR 2: 9 inpatient rooms and Pharmacy.

On the new floor, a waiting room was created, with three attached toilets (one of which is for the disabled), a treatment room, four medical offices, and four nursing offices. And a psychology office, a nutritionist office, an office for the head nurse, a meeting room, an administrative office, a room for the on-duty doctor and a file space and two toilets for the employees. In addition to an office for the Health Delegate and a meeting / training room.

On the ground floor are the Urgencies, Consultations, Psychology Office, Speech Therapy Office, medical offices, small surgery room and the Nursing Office, among other things.

Two elevators were also made available, one for users and another enternal.

In the northernmost building, on the ground floor, the kitchen and laundry were remodeled and occupational and physical therapy and speech therapy offices were transferred to the extreme south. The Dentist’s office is also installed there.

The 1st floor, reserved for inpatient care (Continuing Care), was provided with all the functional and social services essential to the smooth functioning of this unit of continuous accommodation.

The entire floor was remodeled, creating five toilets for every two rooms, when before there were only two toilets. A laundry area and a cargo elevator for clothes were installed and, in the pantry, a cargo elevator for meals. In total there are nine rooms. In addition to a hospital pharmacy.

It should be noted that Santa Casa da Misericórdia acquired a plot of land with an area of ​​218 square meters, for vehicle access to the health center.

The morgue was, however, moved from the second floor of the building further north to the southern end of the emergency department, on the ground floor of the south building.

With this reformulation, the intention was, once the work of this Health Center was completed, that it be integrated in the place, that it be functional, that complies with the legislation in terms of accessibility, fire safety, acoustic conditions and the thermal, which is in accordance with the technical recommendations for this typology of buildings, and fundamentally that it is an equipment that guarantees a better quality of health services to be provided to the entire population of the Municipality of Calheta.

Remember that the Calheta Health Center is one of the 16 Health Centers that have been remodeled by this Government. The health centers of Nazaré and Dr. Agostinho Cardoso are still being remodeled, both in the final phase.

It should be added that the Regional Government has already invested more than 10 million euros in the remodeling, construction and improvements in the network of Health Centers in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, since 2015.

All this investment is part of the policy of humanization of primary health care carried out by this government, since the beginning of its legislature, with a special focus on the user and his health professionals.

The next Health Center to start improvement works, already scheduled, is the Arco da Calheta Health Center. 500 thousand euros is the planned investment …

In Calheta, remember, the Jardim do Mar health center was remodeled.

From Jornal Madeira

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