President is shocked at what happened this weekend in Funchal and Old Town

A video posted on Facebook portrays the scene at Rua das Fontes, in the center of Funchal, last Saturday.


The president has spoken out at the shame of the images posted across social media and reminds everyone we are still in the middle of a global pandemic, and the numbers on Mainland Portugal are at the worse they have been this week with 3725 new cases, the biggest rise since the week 5-12 April. ( I think this is due to more testing also)

Through watching the video, it is possible to see that young people did not comply with social distance or the use of a mask while consuming alcohol on public roads, “this can not continue” warns the president.

Here are the images captured by the user JP Ferreira, who published them in the Ocorrências Madeira group.

Leading image from pestanacr7lifestyle

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