“Saloia e agressiva”. That’s how Danilo Matos classifies the lighting on the façade of the Casa da Cultura in Santa Cruz, whose rehabilitation work, recently inaugurated, deserved harsh criticism from the beginning.

Under the heading ‘A question of citizenship’, to which many of the followers of his Facebook profile have already accustomed, the civil engineer does not spare his criticism of the mayor’s president by suggesting a tombstone saying that they were “ordered to be put by a villain who wanted to stay in history ”.

“He, still the president, ordered the placement and did not listen to anyone. The Casa da Cultura in Santa Cruz has excellent collaborators, who have done a commendable job, and did not deserve to be treated in this way. They told me, and I believe in the respect that I also have for her work, that the councilor of culture was caught by surprise “, he maintains.

According to Danilo Matos, who says he has known the farm since childhood, he did not pay attention to the “historic elements in stonework that are visible, built into the two facades, facing the road, and which are very characteristic of the time”, referring to the so-called ‘ dogs’, where, in the old days, the wood of the porches was laid, as was the case.

“There are several discreet ways to illuminate buildings of historic and heritage quality without being like shown in an aggressive way. This must have been made with the Santo Amaro party in mind,” he adds ironically.

Danilo Matos stresses that this is a beautiful example of civil architecture of the time [Séc. XIX] and says he never understood why “the Chamber never asked for his classification”.

The long text, organized in seven points, also harshly criticizes the Madeiran pebble sidewalk due to the size of the stones used and the design of the pavement.

In the publication’s comment box, several people corroborate Danilo Matos’ opinion that the type of lighting does not match the building’s style and nobility.

From Jornal Madeira

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