437 flights for December – Double testing starts tomorrow

Thanks to Daniel Caires for this information.

437 flights are scheduled for the month of December. A total of 77000 seats are available to visit the most beautiful island, Madeira Island from many destinations throughout Europe.

Don’t forget to take proper precautions on all your visits. Mask, frequent hand washing, and social distance.

If you are a tourist, and to be more alert, I recommend that you do a PCR test before you come to the region. You can do this 72h or less, before departure to Madeira. If its not possible, you will be tested as normal on your arrival.

If you are an emigrant or a resident of Madeira, you will have to be tested twice. This will start tomorrow 27th November till 11th December. 14 days, and can be renewed for a further 14 days. To shorten the isolation period, between tests in the region, I recommend that you do a PCR test in your country, 72 hours before coming to Madeira. And so, you will do the second test in Madeira 48h after you arrive, in this case around 5 days after the first test. If you do your first test in Madeira, you will nerd to isolate for 5 days untill the results of the second test.

Why double testing for emigrants and residents?
Because they will be and fraternize with their loved ones.

While tourism will only have contact with tourist services, which are well adapted to the circumstances and taking all the necessary precautions to carry out their services.


Madeira Islands – Europe’s Leading Island Destination winner 2020

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