Jet2 Cancels Flights

The British airline Jet2 canceled all operations departing from England to Madeira. Due to the restrictive measures imposed by the Boris Jonhson government, namely with regard to travel abroad, Jet2 decided to suspend flights from England throughout the month of November and will only resume connections in early December. Therefore, explains Jet2, and in line with what was the British government’s advice, there will be no air operations departing from England between the 5th of November and the 2nd of December. However, the company assumes that it will continue to operate from Glasgow, Edinburgh and Belfast airports, maintaining for now the programs stipulated for the Canary Islands. Madeira is, however, off this route.

From Diário Notícias

Looking at comments on the Jet2 Facebook page, someone asked about Madeira, and this was the comment from the Jet2 Company. I think the flights due in today as I said were only showing as Departures and not Arrivals, so these are just taking passengers back to the UK, but I guess from next week there won’t be anymore.

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