Government follows tradition and joins for lunch at the Market

Although there were more than a dozen, they complied with the rules, assured the President.

Miguel Albuquerque, Pedro Calado and all the regional secretaries who are part of the current Government followed the tradition and are, at the moment, having lunch at the Mercado dos Lavradores.

The leader of the Madeiran Government said that it is customary, every year, to gather the executive on the 23rd, in the Market, for a sandwich of pork, wine and garlic (Carne vinho e alhos), simply marking this Christmas season. Even so, Miguel Albuquerque pointed out that, although there are more than a dozen, they are complying with the measures stipulated by the health authorities, namely social distance. (OK looks a short distance to me)

“For the year we will have, for sure, the Market Night, but this year we have to limit our actions and restrain ourselves”, said the President of the regional Executive as a message to the population. “It is important, at this moment, I will refer again, take all precautions. In extended family life, be very careful, do, as far as possible, only with the family at home, because, at this moment, we have to contain the number of contagions “, warned Miguel Albuquerque.

From Diário Notícias

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