“We have to preserve lives and any misstep can be fatal”

The commander of the Fire Department of Porto Moniz and São Vicente told Diário Notícias that the situation in the municipality of São Vicente, but precisely in the parishes of Ponta Delgada and Boaventura, requires great caution.

“We have to preserve lives and any misstep can be fatal”, he explained, because given the intensity of the rain, which continues to fall on the north coast, the work to support the populations also needs to be well thought out.

Artur Fernandes guaranteed that they are in constant articulation with the Civil Protection, the Government and the São Vicente autarchy and asks the population to, as far as possible, “keep calm”.

In the most affected parishes, the corporation already has available means to help the population and awaits the improvement in the weather, which is expected for the end of the afternoon. “Only then can they make a profound recognition”.

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