PPM-Madeira says that “for some time” it has been “alerting to the growth of crime in the city of Funchal”. This has been increasing during the curfew period

“Unfortunately, so far nobody has listened to us and some even said that Funchal is a safe city”, lamented today, the party’s regional coordinator, Paulo Brito, through a statement sent to the media.

This is becoming intolerable and if it continues, with establishments being robbed several times in a short period of time, we will still see the citizens and traders forming militias to defend their property and with good reason, because whoever should take measures so that mainly in this state of confinement everything runs smoothly, and without these petty crimes.

He also said he did not accept the excuse that there is a shortage of personnel in the security forces, since, “with good coordination, everything is resolved and we know that our security forces have the necessary means to protect people and property,” 

At the end of the note, PPM Madeira says it expects “that urgent measures be taken to combat the increase in crime”.

From Jornal Madeira

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