In a statement sent to the newsroom, CHEGA Madeira suggests that the asphalting project on the Ginjas road should be replaced by a “project to recover the native flora along the route” and that the section be replaced by a ludic pedestrian touristic route.

In the opinion of this party, “it is incomprehensible” that the “environmental impact study, consolidates errors and threats, to this natural heritage, making it possible to asphalt the road”. “It is also strange that this study does not suggest, alternatively, a project that values ​​and recovers degraded habitats”, the note reads.

With an alternative project, CHEGA states that “we will have a cobbled pedestrian path, allowing the management entity’s vehicles to pass, with the purpose of guaranteeing the prevention and fighting of forest fires, until the recovery of the intervention habitats”, in addition to “Will allow the monitoring and inspection of all activities in the area”.

The party also suggests that a downhill bike path be drawn up

From Jornal Madeira

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