1st Bollywood film to be produced in Madeira will be shot in July

The Autonomous Region of Madeira will serve as the setting, for the first time, for the shooting of a Bollywood film (film industry in India). The film, in charge of the company All Around Globe, will start shooting in July, revealed this Thursday the regional secretary of Tourism and Culture, Eduardo Jesus, during a public conference to present the project made possible through Madeira Film Commission.

The official says that Madeira gains the opportunity to communicate and publicize all its offer, which is also touristic, without any precedent.

Eduardo Jesus understands that this action comes at a “good time” when “the destinations are all willing to reopen” and where “there is a very strong competition here to create the conditions to have that preference of tourists”.

It is the first time that Madeira is on the ‘target’ of Bollywood as a setting for films, which of course is important, he guarantees, saying that, in other cinematographic experiences with this Indian company in other places there was a direct effect on the interest of these tourist destinations.

And make it clear, it is a project that will make a strong contribution to Madeira.

Madeira has everything to host projects like this. May this be a door that opens to many other possibilities. May Madeira figure as a good scenario destination for this type of projects.

Present at this press conference was the film’s director, Ravi Udyawar.

“I am very excited to be here in Madeira, to shoot an action and drama film, a place where no one [Bollywood] has ever shot a film,” said the filmmaker.

“We feel good energy when we arrive at the locations [for future recordings]. Sometimes we go to other places [around the world] and we realize that the conditions will be difficult. Here you feel that things are going to go well because we have a good team and good conditions. ”

Rengarajan Jaiprakash, from the production team, has no doubts: locations are one of the keys to any film, so Madeira, being a “virgin territory” in terms of Bollywood films, “was a right choice for us”.

From Diário Notícias

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