A thousand American nomads may arrive in Madeira in the reopening of air corridors

More than a thousand American nomads await the opening of the air corridors to come to work in Madeira: Revelation made this morning by the president of the Regional Government during the visit to the John dos Passos Cultural Center, where it takes place, from February 1st to June 30th, 2021, the pilot project ‘Digital Nomads’.

Miguel Albuquerque also said that a space similar to that of Ponta do Sol should be created in Calheta. Tomorrow a meeting is scheduled with the local authority to deal with the matter.

“This is a success and I hope it will continue to be so” he said after contacting closely with the project whose promoters are the Regional Secretariat for the Economy and Startup Madeira and who are involved, as partners, the community of digital nomads, local companies.

With a hundred nomads installed in Ponta do Sol, for Albuquerque “expectations were largely exceeded” in this pilot project, called Digital Nomads Madeira Islands.

“We have conditions for Madeira to become a national reference in hosting these digital nomads”, he stressed, at the same time that he classified the idea of ​​”a very important step for the future of Madeira”.

Determined to continue the bet “creating better conditions of attractiveness”, the President of the Government considers that the Region has conditions to “transform itself into a cosmopolitan place of international reception for these workers”.

He now hopes that the opening of the borders can bring more digital nomads to Madeira, since only in the USA there are “a thousand and such registered to come to Madeira”.

From Diário Notícias

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