New case of Covid-19 identified in Porto Santo

A new case of Covid-19 was again identified in Porto Santo. This is a citizen who has been on vacation for three days on the ‘Golden Island’ and who, on arrival, tested negative.

Rogério Correia confirmed to Diário Notícias the situation, clarifying that there are, for now, three “high risk” contacts, all of whom are already in prophylactic isolation. Both the infected person and the contacts are asymptomatic.

After being in Porto Santo for three days, the newly infected person came to know that a close contact in Madeira had tested positive. As it was considered a risk contact, they were tested and the result came to reveal the infection with the new coronavirus.

The local health delegate told the Diário that, as a matter of routine, although this was not the case, visitors who stay more than five days on the island are asked to take the test on the fifth day, even though it is not mandatory. “This is a way of ensuring greater security for everyone”.

“If we do not quickly isolate positive cases and their contacts, large transmission chains may arise in Porto Santo, and that is what we do not want”, stresses Rogério Correia, recalling that the loosening of measures that has been so much claimed by various forces that island’s policies cannot be decided without thinking about all the variables.

These variables include, points out the doctor who is also the most responsible for the local Health Center, the absence of positive cases; the pandemic situation in which the main regions from which visitors to Porto Santo come from, including of course Madeira.

The health barrier cannot be neglected, with the doctor stressing that “the greater the risk, the greater the likelihood that a situation will escape us”, recognizing that “the control barrier is not enough, and situations such as has now been identified and controlled “.

About vaccination, and in order to clarify any doubts, Rogério Correia again indicates that he expects to have at least 2,500 vaccinated people in June, which represents 50% of the population of Porto Santo. In total, there will be just over 5,500 residents on the ‘Golden Island’.

Respecting the pace of vaccination that has been followed to date, the health delegate estimates that in the peak of summer “the population of Porto Santo is properly protected”. On the contrary, if the rate of vaccination is to be accelerated by the availability of a greater number of vaccines, as it is already pointed out to happen in April, Rogério Correia guarantees that the situation will then be even more beneficial for the local population .

From Diário Notícias