PSP agent saved tourist who fell into the water at Ponta do Sol

An agent of the Public Security Police managed to prevent the death by drowning of two citizens, yesterday morning, in Ponta do Sol, who were dragged by the sea and were already about 150 meters from the coast.

According to the PSP Regional Command, when the agents arrived at the scene, they found that it was a tourist who had accidentally fallen from the pier and another citizen who, when trying to rescue her, had dived right afterwards. However, due to the swell that was felt, both ended up being dragged by the current, being 150 meters from the coast.

“In view of these facts, one of the members of the patrol car of the Ponta do Sol Police Station, which is licensed with a sailor’s license, despite the sea turmoil, resorted to a civilian vessel without a motor, kayak type, to travel to the two citizens and try to rescue them. With this act, it was possible to perceive that both were conscious and, failing to lift them onto the vessel, maintained their support until the arrival of the boat from the Captaincy of the Port of Funchal that concluded the rescue ”, he informed.

From Diário Notícias