Coral Sidra wins gold medal

Coral Sidra – a cider produced by the Madeira Beer Company and officially announced on the day of the Region, last year – was recognised with a gold medal in the international competition for the Monde Selection Quality Awards

“This distinction provides the effort and dedication of the Coral brand to its consumers in offering the highest quality in its entire portfolio. A process that begins with the careful choice of raw materials, production, and careful presentation”, highlights the note sent to newsrooms .

Monde Selection medals are awarded to products that stand out for their taste, health claims, ease of use, labeling, packaging and even innovation.

The selection is made by a jury of specialists, nominated for their professional knowledge and internationally recognised.

It should be noted that the Madeira Beer Company already has 171 medals awarded by Monde Selection, of which 103 are from ‘Ouro’ and 43 from ‘Grande Ouro’.

From Diário Notícias