Controversial Madeira brand inspires ‘memes’, creativity and even business

It is further proof that there is no bad publicity, only publicity. The new image of the Madeira brand, which has given so much to talk to countless critics – the so-called ‘buzz’ – is inspiring countless ‘memes’ (by various authors), a lot of creativity (like that of the Creativ studio) and even business (like the poncha of Madeira).

Result: it is one of the themes of the month and the brand is already starting to ‘get ingrained’, in fact, there is already a tendency to adapt it to the ‘profile-photo-frame’ on Facebook.

We leave here some of the ‘specimens’. Read more in the edition of MAIS DIÁRIO.

From Diário Notícias D7

I will say it looks like we will be stuck with the horrible logo which most people loath, a logo that can’t be read and has no colours to do with Madeira.

Madeira will always be beautiful, safe, affordable, with great food, drinks and wonderful people, just a shame on those in power carry on as they do. 

Enjoy the fun, click the images to open.


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