Madeira Covid Testing- Every Visitor Entitled to One Free Test

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The rules and regulations are changing all the time, and it can be and is very confusing to know what the rules are for traveling to Madeira.

Below I have put what is in place at the moment, but with your help in the comments, you can açll add to this with your experience, and also help people know what each airline requires for you to board.

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I think at the moment the area that is the most confusing is Airline travel and if you need a PCR test or a Antigen Test before boarding a flight.

If you need a PCR test then it kind of defeats the Green Corridor Madeira has open, where no testing is needed to enter if you have had your two vaccines, or have had Covid and recovered in the last 90 days.

Every visitor is entitled to a Free Test.

All visitors to the island are entitled to a free PCR test when arriving or when DEPARTING If you bring a negative PCR Test with you from your own country. This information is õn the Madeira Safe site, and this must be filled in by everyone before arriving.

Most airlines in the past have not asked for a PCR test before boarding to Madeira, as they knew we had testing at the airport, which still continues. But now things may have changed and I’m not sure what each Airline is asking before coming to the island. So please add your comments below on this when you start traveling.

If they ask for a PCR test or Antigen test then that’s the Airlines rules. and as long as you have had 2 vaccines or recovered from covid within 90 days you can just enter Madeira.

If the Airline does not need proof of a test, and you have not had a vaccine or Covid, then you will be able to get a free PCR test at the airport in Madeira. You will be confined to a hotel while you wait for the results up to 12 hours. If you test positive, then you are taken to a hotel where you will remain till you produce a positive test, you will be locked in your room, and supplied with food and drink, but no alcohol is allowed.

So you come with a PCR test, and didn’t need a free test in Madeira on arrival.  Enjoy your holiday, then you can book a free PCR or Antigen test before you depart, all on the Madeira Safe Site.

The procedure is as follows:
– the passenger registers with MadeiraSafe;
– the passenger submits the PCR test, with a negative result, performed at the origin;
– Health authorities of Madeira and Porto Santo validate the test presented;
– After validation, an automatic questionnaire is triggered with the following questions:
– When returning to your country of origin do you need to test Covid-19?
– YES – Test Type?
– Antigen Rapid
– the date of return to the country of origin is questioned
– Madeira Safe generates an automatic test appointment, taking into account the passenger’s return date –
– the message is received by the passenger (email);
– In the case of Madeira, the appointment is made for the Dr. Nélio Mendonça Hospital;
– In the case of Porto Santo, the appointment is made for the Porto Santo Health Center;
– Passenger receives in his email, official document, with the result of the test.

If you need to pay for a PCR test on departure this is at a cost of 90.00 euros at the moment. All clinics and private hospital can do this. just do a quick search of clinics in Madeira and a list will come up.

Residents, Emigrants or returning students, still need double testing so a second test will be carried out 5-7 days after your first test, all free of charge, and there is no need to isolate between the tests. 

More info can be found on the Visit Madeira site, along with restrictions and rules.

I hope that all makes sense, and do please add and read the comments below, especially if you are travelling to the island from any destination, and what rules you needed to follow when flying.


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