I made it back

So yesterday I finally arrived back home, and I won’t be going away again for a while, till this whole covid mess is over and things are more easy to travel.

I orger a PCR Test from Boots online, 65.00 pounds, it was such a stress waiting and wondering if I would get the results, I couldn’t pist my test on Sunday, as I didn’t have a priority postbox near by, which I knew I could get to before collection, so I did my test the Monday morning and was collected Monday evening, arrived lab Tuesday morno g, then the wait to see if I get the results before flying Wednesday morning, thankfully they did come through about 3am.

I spoke to BA about if I could have flown without a PCR and she said no, as Madeira requires this, so I highlighted the problem, that Madeira offers a free test, so as it says on the UK GOV site anyone without a PCR can get one when arriving in Madeira, and she noted the problem, but this probably will not get sorted out, and I wonder how it works with people with both vaccines.

So all was great with the flight, but arriving in Madeira, the passport control in Madeira is a total mess, as I was the first off and we got to the gates, the staff were not even on their posts, and then we were in the wrong lane, I can’t imagine how long it took for these two people working to get that whole flight through. If there are 2 or 3 flights landing together, it must take hours to get through. Something really needs to be done about this.

I’m glad to be home, just need a PCR on day 7 which I should be called for, I also tested myself with the free tests in the UK, so all was good.

And yesterday evening I had my whisky coke and a snack down on the beach in the sunshine… Perfect.

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