Considering that the ship companies are reducing capacity to 40% to 60% of capacity, around 10,800 passengers are expected to board the eleven cruises that come on New Year’s Eve. Madeira maintains its status as a unique place for New Year’s Eve.

New Year’s Eve in Madeira continues to be one of the most special on the planet, even in the face of pressure from other destinations, newer and perhaps also with more money, to claim the status for themselves. But Madeira has unique characteristics that make it special. And then there is no turning back. Because there is no way to recreate Funchal’s amphitheater and the lighting effect produced at that time. Nor is there any way to replicate the way Madeirans genuinely live these festivities which, around here, last for more than a month. It comes from within. It’s endogenous. Unreproducible.

For this New Year, 11 cruise ships are planned. If we add up the capacity of each one, around 21,623 passengers could be watching the fire from the sea, not counting the Madeiran “Lobo Marinho”.

But this year, once again, the covid-19 pandemic will once again wreak havoc. According to a source connected to the sector, ships are limiting their capacity to “40% to 60%” of the ships’ capacity. Even so, considering this reduction, we may have around 10,800 passengers on the ships this New Year, to which are added a few thousand more people corresponding to the crew.

Thus, the following ships are confirmed for New Year’s Eve:

1. Sea Cloud Spirit;

2. Borealis;

3. Marella Explorer;

4. Amera;

5. Bolette;

6. Mein Schiff 3;

7. AIDAnova;

8. Vasco da Gama;

9. Queen Elizabeth;

10. Amadea;

11. AIDAmar;

From Jornal Madeira