Covid 19 updates

Trips to Porto Santo without the requirement of testing for covid-19. 

As of tomorrow, it will no longer be mandatory to present a negative test for covid-19 to disembark in Porto Santo, both by boat and by plane.

The vaccination certificate is now recommended, similarly to what will happen in Madeira, at the airport, ports and marinas.

The regional secretary for Health and Civil Protection clarified, just now, during the presentation of the new measures to control the pandemic, that anyone, vaccinated or not, will be able to disembark, even without any type of test, being only limited in access to some places, such as restaurants, bars or cultural and sporting events.

Five thousand people tested for covid-19 per month in Madeira. 

With the end of massive weekly testing, Madeira will test only five thousand people per month, until June, within the scope of the Sentinel Epidemiological Surveillance.

The 2% sample of the asymptomatic population to be screened was defined by the regional Health Authorities as the minimum number indicative of disease status in the community.

In practice, these people will be tested at random when, for any other reason, they go to the different regional health units.


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