The President of the Regional Government reinforced today that, within the framework of the new measures regarding the testing of the population, in force since yesterday, rapid antigen tests will continue to be subsidized only for those who show symptoms.

“We continue to have subsidized tests”, clarified Miguel Albuquerque, in the early afternoon of this Wednesday, on the sidelines of the Nature Watcher’s Day ceremony, indicating that “whoever has symptoms can go to public units to take the test, which is subsidized by the Government”.

For those who intend to visit homes and hospitals, it is still necessary to present a negative test, which will be paid by the users.

Regarding the whole of the new measures announced on Monday, the official stressed that “it is going well, as expected”.

Asked about the complaints of some entrepreneurs who had already acquired rapid tests to continue the weekly testing of their workers, Miguel Albuquerque stressed that “the tests will not stop being done”, despite the end of massive testing.

“I had already warned you two weeks ago and you [journalists] did us the favor of helping us with that, by announcing that we were going to change the measures. people will continue to do tests, we are not going to do them in a massive way like we did for two months”, he said.

From Jornal Madeira