Vodafone Portugal network “is stabilized”

For me this week s a forgotten network, but I’m guessing there are many that use Vodafone for home or business.

Vodafone’s network “is stabilized”, which includes, in addition to mobile and fixed voice, also data and television services, although situations of “sporadic instability” may occur, the company announced today.

Vodafone Portugal was the target of a cyberattack on Monday, February 7th, which affected its network and its four million customers.

In its latest update, the operator led by Mário Vaz states that “at the end of a week of efforts to restore Vodafone Portugal’s operations after the cyberattack, even though there may be occasional instability situations, the network is stabilized”.

This includes, “in addition to mobile and fixed voice, also data and television services”, he details.

The company emphasizes that “today was a day especially dedicated to the restoration of all the specific functionalities for business customers, which is practically completed”.

In internal terms, “there is still a lot of work ahead to ensure the total sustainability of the operation in aspects that, without penalizing the availability of services, impact the company”, he underlines.

Vodafone Portugal highlights that the last few days “were very intense work for the operator’s teams”, “which allowed – after the enormous disruption that the company was subject to – to restore in less than 24 hours the equivalent of a decade of technological innovation, moving from 2G/3G to 4G/5G”.

Vodafone Portugal “continues to collaborate closely with the authorities in the ongoing investigation” and “thanks everyone for their understanding and many expressions of support in this exceptional period of unprecedented crisis, and praises the commitment and continuous delivery of all its collaborators and partners in this extremely challenging week”.

From Diário Notícias