Madeira with one more death and 13 hospitalizations associated with covid-19

The Autonomous Region of Madeira marks another death associated with covid-19 this Saturday, March 26, on the same day that 13 more patients infected with covid-19 were admitted to the Health Service of the Autonomous Region of Madeira, indicates the Bulletin today.

According to data made available by SESARAM, with data from yesterday, there are 104 infected with covid-19 in the multipurpose area of ​​covid-19.

Of the admissions, there are 77 patients over 65 years old, 25 patients between 18 and 65 years old, and two patients under 18 years old.

Of the covid-19 cases in hospital, 23 do not have a vaccination against covid-19, the rest are vaccinated with at least one dose. The Region now has 231 deaths related to the disease.

Remember covid cases are on the rise, and 19 care homes in the Region have cases.