Diesel price rises by 16 cents and gasoline prices increase by 8 cents in Madeira

The administratively calculated fuel prices in Madeira will rise again for next week, as expected, since we have a delay of one week in relation to what happens on the mainland, where this week they felt this increase. Thus, diesel for road use (simple) rose 16.2 cents and gasoline 95 increased 8.2 cents from Monday. Colored and marked diesel also shoots up 14.9 cents more.

It’s no April Fools, the data will be published, as usual, even today in the Official Journal of the Region, under the determination of the two regional secretaries (Finance and Economy), and are based on the weekly evolution of prices in Europe, as well as the taxes applied (VAT and ISP). ).

These are the prices that will be in effect between the next Monday and the following Sunday, from 4th to 10th of April 2022:

Super unleaded gasoline IO 95…….. € 1,937 per liter

Diesel for road use …………. € 1,885 per liter

Colored and marked diesel ……….. € 1,355 per liter