Losing Our (small bit of) Paradise.

Losing Our (small bit of) Paradise.
24th May 2022

As many others who visited this beautiful island and have decided to call it home, and have likewise made a substantial investment in property, it really irritates me to see this paradise losing ground to the respect-less attitude of the telephone companies who just plant their poles, boxes and coils of cable wherever they feel it is most comfortable for them!

Two years ago my wife and I returned home to find that MEO had planted such an eyesore smack in front of our house thus ruining our pristine vista of canyons, hills and ocean and also those of 4 other properties. I of-course complained and asked why they could not have just placed their ugly infrastructure behind our homes as there are no homes behind us (but alas, to no avail). A year later NOS decides to double-up this environmental nightmare with their own set of 6 cables, so now we have 12 strings of black spaghetti plus diverse odds and ends sprawling about!

It is generally known that, purchasing a home is the most costly and important investment that most people embark-on and now, as we’ve been told via the media: properties on Madeira have increased on an average of over 20 plus percent this last year alone. As this is the case, I decided to have our property valued to verify that it was properly and fully-insured. I was informed that it had indeed increased in value, but as the view was compromised by all the poles and cables and such, that the property’s value has also unfortunately been compromised considerably, due to the deteriorated/ obstructed view!

MEO and NOS apparently have carte blanche and impunity to install anything they wish at any local without taking any regard to those who will be deprived of their views, and have to live with the consequences of their unsympathetic and malaise installations. It has been heart breaking for us and surely others to have our/ their bit of paradise defaced/ ruined by this outdated technology.

In urban areas, cables are the solution, but placed underground! Today other countries with the advent of 5G and 5G cordless routers are going in that direction (I use cordless 5G in my summer home in Denmark and have no problems whatsoever; this nonsense of hanging cables all about is no-longer necessary. To MEO & NOS; Get in the game, and save our island paradise!

Thank you, and I invite all to share their opinions regarding this issue.

Clive Morrell, Calheta

It has to be one of my hates on the island, and I’m sure for many others.  A few more photos from friends.

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