Regional Government speaks of “provocation” not having been invited to Portugal Day in London

The Presidency of the Regional Government of Madeira believes that not having been invited to the ceremonies of the Day of Portugal, Camões and the Portuguese Communities that take place this year, also in London, is a “provocation” to the self-government bodies of the Region. As DIÁRIO reported today, this situation caused discomfort in the Regional Government .

“When the President of the Republic announced in 2019 that the celebrations of the 10th of June would be the following year, 2020, in Madeira and in a Madeiran emigration destination, he proved that he is absolutely aware of the aggregating dimension of the date”, begins by placing in the text released by Miguel Albuquerque’s Cabinet this morning.

“June 10th is par excellence the day on which Portugal and national cohesion are celebrated, because it is the day of the Portuguese Nation, of our Communities around the world and of the greatest symbol of our Language”, he recalls, praising the fact of “the President of the Republic, throughout his term of office, began an innovative way of marking the 10th of June, dividing it up between commemorations in national territory and in our communities”.

After the praise ended, the criticisms follow: “It is therefore hardly understandable that, for the celebrations on the 10th of June of this year, the Presidency of the Republic chose to invite the Regional Government of Madeira to the celebrations in Braga, where Madeira it has a few dozen students, it is true, but it has not invited to the ceremonies that will take place in London, even knowing that almost a third of the Portuguese community residing in the United Kingdom are Madeirans, constituting itself as the oldest, largest and most relevant Portuguese community, from a social, economic and cultural point of view, in that country.”

From Diário Notícias

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