Levadas from 25 Fontes and Furado have already reopened after cleaning

The levadas of 25 Fontes, in the Rabaçal area, and Furado, which connects Ribeiro Frio to Portela, are already passable, two of the most popular routes for tourists visiting Madeira in search of close contact with nature. 

In the update made at the end of this Friday afternoon by the Institute of Forests and Nature Conservation (IFCN), the entity that manages the classified pedestrian routes in the Region, it is mentioned that 12 of these routes remain closed, nine of which due to bad weather and three others that were already closed before the Óscar depression passed through Madeira.

Reopened today was also the trail that connects Encumeada to Pico Ruivo, as well as the route between Curral das Freiras and Lombo do Urzal (Vereda do Urzal). 

So far, according to the latest update made by the IFCN, the following classified pedestrian routes  remain closed :

PR 1 – Vereda do Areeiro;

PR 1.1 Footpath of the Island; 

PR 3 – Vereda do Burro; 

PR 3.1 – Caminho Real do Monte; 

PR 4 – Levada do Barreiro; 

PR 7 – Levada do Moinho (still no information on its status after the storm); 

PR 12 – Royal Way of Encumeada; 

PR 15 – Footpath of Ribeira da Janela;

PR 17 – Caminho do Pináculo and Folhadal (already closed before bad weather);

PR 19 – Royal Path of Paul do Mar;

PR 20 – Jardim do Mar footpath (already closed before bad weather);

PR 23 – Levada da Azenha (already closed before bad weather).

On the contrary, passable are the following tracks: 

PR 1.2 Footpath of Pico Ruivo;

PR 1.3 – Vereda da Encumeada;

PR 2 – Vereda do Urzal;