Flights landing but with difficulty due to wind.

Madeira Airport starts this Wednesday in the worst way, with the first plane that tried to make it to the runway to mess up the landing.

The strong wind, with gusts of 71 km/hour and an average wind of 48.6 km/hour, made the first attempt of flight TP1711, from Porto, impossible to succeed.

After stalling, the plane positioned itself to wait for weather conditions to improve.

Meanwhile, another flight, the EJU69QR, which was also coming from Porto and had to make a short delay in the air, also tried to land a few minutes later. Successfully, but no doubt bumpy.

The TAP flight will eventually land,  but the second attempt also failed. Meanwhile, there is already a Ryanair flight from Lisbon in his company.

Over the course of the morning, 11 more flights are scheduled (including the cargo plane) to land at Madeira Airport, half of which will be by 9:00 am and two from Amsterdam and London.

From Diário Notícias


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