With “everything ready for another edition of its great popular party”, to take place tomorrow, July 24, at Herdade do Chão da Lagoa, PSD/Madeira, in a statement, reinforces the calls for, “more once again, this will be the Feast of all Madeirans and a moment of great conviviality between all the militants and sympathizers of the party”.

The party starts very early, at 8 am, and goes on throughout the day, based on an entertainment program that “strongly values ​​regional artists and which, immediately after the political interventions, scheduled at 1:30 pm, includes a great show of the Anjos”, he recalls in the same note.

The arrival of the PSD/Madeira president, Miguel Albuquerque, at the Estate, is scheduled for 10:30 am, after which, as usual, the tour of the premises will take place, in which he will be accompanied by the PSD president, Luís Montenegro, by the Secretariat. of the Party and the rest of the entourage. A visit that will pass through the tents of the 54 Parish Political Commissions represented at the event, along with the tents of JSD/M, TSD/M and Núcleo dos Emigrantes.

PSD/M reminds you that this party has free admission, has free parking and also offers some amenities, such as the free Kindergarten space that will work on site, precisely so that families with children can also do part of the event.

He also recalls that, in addition to the more than 100 buses that will be in circulation from all the parishes of Madeira, the usual transport scheme is maintained in this edition, with permanent connections between Funchal and the Estate, with ascents from at 8 am and descents from 5:30 pm. With regard to Porto Santo, PSD/Madeira militants and sympathizers will travel to the estate, as usual, via the ship Lobo Marinho.

Finally, the party recalls that the entrance to the Chão da Lagoa party is made through the North Gate, next to the Montado do Pereiro, and, when leaving the venue, through the South Gate, next to the Abrigo Pastor.

From Jornal Madeira