A serious case of success on TikTok

If you have tiktok then you would probably have seen these two ladies and their short videos taken in the coffee shop they work in n Madeira shopping.

With more than 50 thousand followers on TikTok, the account ‘Meninas do Café Fritel’ is making waves in Madeira and on the mainland. DIÁRIO shared in yesterday’s print edition the story of Liliana and Laura, two employees of a cafe, located in Madeira Shopping, who frequently publish humorous videos about the day-to-day in the restaurant.

The duo has more than 830 thousand likes and thousands of shares. In today’s video, the ‘Girls from Café Fritel’ share that they came out in the Diário Notícias. The video with only 40 seconds gathers more than a thousand likes and fifty comments.

See the video on the link below.



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