Digital Nomads Give Gift to São João de Deus

During the pandemic, digital nomads from all around the world discovered Madeira. Suddenly Madeira became a top place to work and live. More and more, international people are settling in Madeira.
What started as an initiative by the Government of Madeira and Startup Madeira, still continues to be a huge success. And so, during the digital nomads movement and at the beginning of Madeira’s digital transformation, Madeira Friends was born.
 Founded by Luis and Marelin, the social project was created with the mission to integrate and connect both digital nomads, international people and the locals of Madeira. The pillars of the project are: 1. Fitness & well-being; 2. Givers, not takers and 3. Art, culture & innovation.
 In addition to outdoor activities related to fitness and well-being, the project has also undertaken several social responsibility and giving-back initiatives such as helping animals, children, Ukrainian refugees, amongst others.
 During their 1+ year of existence, they have been involved with countless events such as workshops in schools, networking hangouts, hackathons, raising money for charities, art set-ups, pool parties, sunsets, trips, to name but a few.
 The project is growing rapidly and its social and economic impact on the region is already very noticeable. Their members are digital nomads, remote workers, expats, entrepreneurs, freelancers, artists, locals and many more.
 You may learn more about the project through their Instagram page and for any questions or partnerships, contact them directly via message:
About the incentive
Through a vibrant array of bold and happy colors, Tiago Rodrigues, Timeq_one artist, alongside Madeira Friends and Digital Nomads, collaborated in a new art installation entitled “FLOURISHING” which was done live at the biggest mindfulness event in the world, Wanderlust which had their first edition in Madeira last weekend.

When art and mental health are combined, the story of the artist and the art itself can serve as a powerful tool to raise awareness about topics that are sometimes forgotten, stigmatized, or misunderstood and to give voice to mental health, trauma, and healing.
The word flourishing, is commonly used in psychology which represents having a good feeling and functioning well and also the capability to experience positive emotions, positive interest, and engagement with the world around them. In this art piece, it further represents a blooming, prosperous growth. Therefore the word “flourishing” centred in white and embodied in the middle of colourful abstract floral elements.

To mark mental health day, the Digital Nomads through the social project “MFICA,  Madeira Friends visited the health center of São João de Deus in Funchal. They took with them the art display as a small artistic gift of encouragement, positivity and strength in the form of applause and appreciation to all the health professionals who work there. They were welcomed with open arms by dozens of people, including the director of the institution, Eduardo Lemos, as well as its employees, patients and volunteers. It was an opportunity for the digital nomads to learn more about the dynamics of the institution and the work developed in the region for more than 100 years. One of the nomads who participated the health center, works for an American multinational in the field of mental health, which was an important interaction and sharing of experience between all of them.

The initiative involved people from various social groups, from Madeirans to digital nomads to local artists, which is the objective of Madeira Friends: the integration of everyone on the island.