The new ‘beach cleaner’ machine acquired by the City Council is already ‘moving’ along the sands of Calheta to facilitate the removal of stones in that bathing area.

The investment precedes the arrival of a new shipment of sand that will be deposited at the site before the next bathing season, as Councilor Aleixo Abreu insisted on transmitting this afternoon, during the sponsorship ceremony for Praia da Calheta, in charge of the EB1/PE from Lombo do Guiné which was recently distinguished with the Blue School award.

“This emblematic site has more and more attractions” and it is not by chance that “Calheta Beach is seen as an ex-libris of the municipality and even of the Region”, highlighted Aleixo Abreu, justifying the investment that has been made in this area. a place that is sought throughout the year by tourists, but also by locals.

The person in charge of the environmental area highlighted, moreover, all the awards that the Municipality has received, from the “Blue Flag” in Praia da Calheta to the “Gold Quality Flags” awarded to other beaches in the municipality, where the quality of bathing water is guaranteed. 

From Jornal Madeira

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