Accidents leave traffic congested this Monday

Holidays are over.

On the morning of this Monday, September 4th, drivers traveling on Madeira’s roads may face some difficulties, due to the various congestion caused by accidents.

In the direction of Machico- Ribeira Brava, on the Pestana Júnior- Boa Nova subsection, according to the ‘Info Vias’ application, traffic reaches a length of 2.2 km.

On the Câmara de Lobos-Quebradas subsection, towards Machico-Ribeira Brava, car congestion is already beginning to form and reaching almost 1 km in length.

Also in the direction of São Jorge – Machico, on the Maroços-Maiata subsection, another accident is ‘stopping’ traffic, with the queue reaching 1.6 km long.