IPMA puts Madeira under yellow warning due to heavy rain

The Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere (IPMA) has placed Madeira under a yellow warning for precipitation, due to the possibility of rain or sometimes heavy showers.

The entire island of Madeira is covered by this alert for rain, between 3 am and 9 am tomorrow, the 20th.

Yellow alert is maintained for maritime agitation, both in Madeira and in Porto Santo, between 6 am on the 20th and midnight on the 21st. Waves from the northeast are forecast, measuring 4 meters.

This is all due to storm Armand.

The low pressure lying WNW of Iberia has now been named Storm Armand by the Portuguese Met Service and is the first storm of the season to affect the peninsula.

🌀 Portugal will bear the brunt of Armand with some very wet and windy conditions, also bringing significant rain to western and some central parts of Spain.
The low pressure has continued to churn over the nearby Atlantic the last few days, driving a very warm, moist sub-tropical air flow ahead of it across Iberia.
Today 19 October is in fact another extremely hot day in Spain and France.

🚩 Southwestern France and northeastern Spain are living full summer conditions with tropical nights and days >30°C.
Yesterday Loja in Spain jumped to 35.8°C and Granada Airport to 35.1°C setting a new monthly record, while Orthez and Navarrenx in France rose to 33.8°C.
Tonight widespread minimum temperatures >20°C were recorded and at midday there are already the first 30°Cs.
Highs of 32°C-34°C are forecast locally again, well above the average for mid-October.

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