Energy costs with Christmas lights reduced by 70% in 10 years

In the last decade, energy consumption in decorative lighting for Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Funchal has been reduced by around 70%, revealed today the President of the Regional Government, during his usual visit to the lights in the downtown area.

“The new system that we have been using has already reduced, in 10 years, 70% of energy consumption”, he said. The strong increase in LED lighting contributed to this.

Miguel Albuquerque justifies shortening the lighting schedule by 1 hour as a way of signaling the need for good energy awareness.

Moreover, he was surprised by the “very high” occupancy levels of tourism in the months of October and November, as a result of the strong increase in air operations, currently with 34 airlines operating on 90 routes to Madeira, Miguel Albuquerque highlighted the offer of 1,100 thousand seats in the IATA winter, concluding that “it has been a very pleasant surprise that the planes come with a high occupancy rate. December “also looks very positive”, but without risking predictions regarding the occupancy rate, especially for New Year’s Eve.

He also guaranteed that the places where the ‘little lights’ did not access yesterday, will be back to normal very soon.

From Diário Notícias

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