Ten flights canceled and 13 diverted due to the wind in Madeira

The day began with a warning from the IPMA, which again placed the archipelago under a yellow warning due to the strength of the wind, namely the South Coast – with particular focus on the extreme East – and Mountainous Regions. The warning was in effect until 3 pm on Friday, more than enough time to condition the operation of Madeira Airport throughout the day.

Due to the wind, ten flights were canceled – five arrivals and five departures – to which are added another 13 that diverted to other stops – including on the Canary Islands and Porto Santo route, after lost hours wandering around in the hope that the wind would slow down.

Among the cancellations are an easyJet flight (EJU7585) from Porto, a TAP flight departing from Lisbon (TP1685), another operated by TUI (TB1765) arriving from Brussels and two others from Humberto Delgado Airport (FR6534) and Francisco Sá Carneiro (EJU7587). Flights that did not operate in the opposite direction, which ends up raising the count to 10 cancellations .

According to data released by the minute by ANA – Aeroportos de Portugal, among the flights canceled this Friday was one that would come from New York, on the transatlantic connection provided by Azores Airlines.

Azores Airlines explains constraints in air operations to and from JFK Airport (New York)
Flight S4 266 from New York to Madeira, scheduled to arrive at 8:35 am, was canceled

This cancellation has nothing to do with the strength of the wind that was felt in Madeira, but with the closure of the International Terminal at JFJK Airport to international air traffic. The return trip to the US would be scheduled for 5:05 pm.

In addition to these canceled flights, at least 13 flights diverted. The majority (6) went to Porto Santo – including the cargo plane – while another three decided to head to the Canary Islands, all to Tenerife.

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