190 houses will gain colour

Among two hundred owners, no one is against it. This is the most relevant data for the chromatic project that the President of the Regional Government proposed in February for the parish of Paul do Mar, and that DIÁRIO announced firsthand.

The working group is made up of the vice-president of the City Council, the president of the Board and also by elements of the regional secretariat for Equipment and Infrastructures, it is two days away from closing the consultation with the population, however it is already guaranteed that all the residents joined the project.

A “very satisfactory” expression that, according to the mayor of Calheta, “speaks well of the acceptance of the owners” who applaud this initiative.

“We are talking about 190 houses that will receive an intervention on their respective facades, in order to proceed with their rehabilitation in a heritage enhancement project but which I am also sure will become a point of tourist attraction due to the way in which the cluster of houses he’s willing”, adds the mayor who still doesn’t know how to specify when the painting work begins between the port area and the cemetery.

“Once the survey is over, we take another step, which is the opening of the tender procedure, in partnership with the Regional Government, for which we will establish a counter-program for this purpose”, explains the steps that will be taken in the next few days.

Carlos Teles recalls that the shades vary between white, yellow, green and orange, but it is the owners themselves who define the choice, with the criteria so that there are no neighboring houses with identical colours.

From Diário Notícias

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