The government official was in Porto Santo this morning and guarantees that the new Vila Baleira Urban Park, which he visited, located in the Fontinha area, “respects the ecosystem” and complies with sustainability.

The president of the Regional Government, Miguel Albuquerque, visited the revitalized Porto Santo Urban Park today, on which he highlighted the setting made with the landscape of the golden island, and made it clear that campsites are not an “objective” for tourism in Porto Santo.

Remember that the space now reserved for the new Vila Baleira Urban Park once housed the island’s campsite, which has been abandoned for many years.

“The campsite was residual to its use and what Porto Santo needs is to have good hotel offers, with high prices, and not camping”, replied the government official to a question posed by RTP. “The campsite is not the objective of Porto Santo. I am a defender of Tourism as a quality offering”, he conveyed after a frank praise for this public space that has several features, being equipped, for example, with a “boat house”, which will be operated as a bar/cafeteria, sanitary facilities, picnic/leisure areas, a sandy playground or a beach volleyball court.

“It is a park for the population to enjoy, with a set of leisure infrastructures, with new access to the beach and new parking. The idea is, at this moment, for this park to be a unit for maintaining the ecosystem and quality of life in the city of Porto Santo”, explained the president of the Regional Government, Miguel Albuquerque, who also mentioned the reservation of an area for sports.

In the opinion of the president of the Regional Government, it is a park that fits perfectly with the landscape of Porto Santo.

“The park is magnificent, it respects the Porto Santo ecosystem, it is a park that is very well designed in terms of sustainability, particularly with the use of rainwater and we think it is a great opportunity to state, once again, that this investment is for the present, but above all thinking about the future and the urbanization and growth of the city”, he noted at the time.

This is an investment of 695 thousand euros from the Regional Government, so far, with the warning, left by Miguel Albuquerque, in Porto Santo, to make more investment in that area.

“In fact, we will have vineyards planted here in the park and we will make an investment, later, to have automatic irrigation throughout the space”, which will be concessioned to a private party with a view to producing Porto Santo wine.

Final note for the campsite’s opening hours, namely: from October to May, from 08:00 to 00:00 and from June to September, from 07:30 to 02:00.

From Jornal Madeira