A little girl protects herself with her palm


The Public Security Police (PSP) have not yet managed to capture an alleged sexual abuser of minors, in an operation that has been taking place since last Tuesday, after several suspicions of a criminal and cruel act of abuse at the end of Tuesday night, Carnival day.

According to JM, the authorities already have the profile of the alleged criminal’s physical constitution and have launched a manhunt since last Tuesday, which is going on until the arrest is consummated, which could happen in the next few hours.
The police operation has been going on for more than 48 hours, in order to reach the alleged perpetrator of sexual abuse through the strong evidence collected on Tuesday. The detention process during yesterday also included the PJ, who is aware of the investigation. The operation is being carried out by the PSP’s Criminal Investigation Department.
The case took place in an area of ​​São Martinho, in a social district, when the alleged middle-aged individual sexually abused a minor. The victim was transported to the hospital, where the abuses were confirmed, a fact that triggered the vast operation, which is still taking place, throughout the city.
During the early hours of Wednesday, the Police Rapid Intervention Team (EIR) searched almost all of Funchal, but, unfortunately, all the search was unsuccessful.
JM also knows that the young person is being accompanied by a vast medical team, as well as being monitored by a team of psychological and social workers.