Fun-Day Sunday Quiz

Thanks to Steve Basnett for arranging another Madeira Island News Quiz, to get your brain thinking about all things Madeira. Answers will be posted on Tuesday.
No cheating, it’s just for fun, so see how well you do this week.
Please no comments with the answers, just write them down at home, and see how well you do.

1. What does Madeira mean in English?

2. Madeira is twinned with which British island?
3. To the nearest 10 thousand people, what is the population of Madeira?
4. Which country has the most immigrants living in Madeira?
5. What is the 3-digit international dialling code for Madeira?
6. You jump on the number 139 bus at Funchal bus terminal and ride it to the end. Where do you end up?
7. What is the three-letter airport code for Porto Santo?
8. What is the name of the local round flatbread made using sweet potato and flour?
9. Which international award-winning beer is produced by the Madeira Brewery?
10. What is the highest temperature ever recorded in Madeira?
11. Which four colours appear on the Madeiran flag?
12. Which organisation has awarded Madeira the world’s leading island destination five years running?
13. What date is Madeira Day celebrated each year?
14. With over 345,000 visitors a year, which attraction is accessed via Caminho do Meio?
15. With a name translating as ‘The Golden Cock’ which Madeiran restaurant has 2 Michelin stars?
16. What are there 25 of along the Levada walk PR6?
17. Where is this sea pool in Madeira?
18. In which popular garden was this photo taken?
19. Do you know the name of this waterfall?
20. Where am I in this Photo?
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