Worst is Over

The worst of the weather seems to be over, although the winds are still very strong here in Caniço de Baixo.
No reported injuries over the coarse of the day, and although the rivers in Funchal are high and flowing fast, they seem to have managed with the drainage from the rain.
Rain falls have been high will 291.2 mm falling at Pico do Areeiro. Below is the amount of rain fall in other areas.
O diretor do Observatório Meteorológico, Vítor Prior, revelou, por seu lado, que a precipitação, durante o dia, foi de 291.2 milímetros no Areeiro, 148.9, na Bica da Cana, 141.6, em São Vicente, 138.2, no Santo da Serra, 66.6, na Quinta Grande, 61.3, em Santana, 45.2, no Funchal, 22.7, em São Jorge, e 18 milímetros, no Porto Santo.
The strongest gust of wind was recorded in Santa, Porto Moniz at 144 kmph. In Pico do Areeiro 134 kmph, Caniçal 130 kmph, Ponta do Pargo 123 kmph, Porto Santo 88kmph and Funchal 80 kmph.
There has been slight damage to homes from high waves and strong winds, and some roads have been closed due to debris, and for safety.
22 flights have been cancelled, affecting 4000 passengers.
Madeira will remain on yellow alert for rain and wind till at least the end of tomorrow, and the waves will stay on Orange alert with heights of 5-6 metres
90% of peoaple in the parish of São Roque do Faial,  are without water, the situation will be accessed tomorrow and a date to when this may be restored given.
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