Weekend Weather Updates

With the bad weather arriving this afternoon in Madeira, and already some heavy rain, and strong winds affecting the area, and services, I will keep you updated over the weekend here.
Sunday looks like being the worst day weather wise, with Orange alert in place for the whole day. Expect heavy rain and strong winds, especially over the higher regions. Also the waves will be between 4-5 meters around the coast.
The Regional Civil Protection Service, has warned people to not go out Sunday unless they really have to , and if you are out to go with caution.
Services have already started to be affected by the bad weather, with the Lobo Marinho  Porto Santo ferry cancelling its trip today (Friday). Three flights have been diverted from the airport due to it being closed for most the afternoon and one flight from Lisbon cancelled.
Cruise Ships Aida Sol and Thomson Majesty have also cancelled their visits for Sunday and Monday.

Anona Festival in Faial has been cancelled for the weekend and will now take place next weekend 9th-10th March.

Weather system bringing the bad weather….

A beautiful sunny day today (Saturday)  with clear skies, and no wind, Temp at the moment is 20 degrees (11.30am)

We remain on Orange Alert for tomorrow, from 9am – midnight due to periods of heavy rain, Thunder, strong winds up to 120km, and waves of 6 metres. The Island will remain on yellow alert until Tuesday with wind and heavy rain at times.

Update 16.00 Saturday 2nd March

Well we have had a pleasant warm sunny day, but Madeira has now been placed on Red Alert, the most severe alert in the range of four. Between midday and 6pm Sunday 3rd March Madeira will be on Red Alert, due to heavy rain and possible Thunder, and will then continue to be on Orange alert until Tuesday.Capturet Capture (3)Tomorrow’s rain on its way…


High Waves lash the coast of Madeira. Sunday 3rd March

Sunday 3rd March Update

The storm arrived in the early hours of the morning. Heavy rain and strong winds are lashing the Island. It is advised to stay at home today and only travel if you really have to. Madeira remains on red alert for the hours midday to 6pm, where rain is expected to increase with up to 60mm falling over the higher ground. The airport at the moment is closed. A few flights managed to leave early this morning, and easyjet Lisbon managed to land just before 9am, but other flights have been cancelled, which could be the case for many more today. You can check flight departures and arrivals here Madeira Airport.  TAP have also confirmed on their Facebook Page that the airport in Madeira will remain closed.

The weather from the BBC mentioning the storm over Madeira.
BBC Weather Video

The bad weather continues, the rivers in Funchal are very high, but I think hold no threat of overflowing at the moment.
Lots of photos on social networks are coming in.

I have just been to the sea front at Caniço de Baixo and the waves are pretty high. 6-7 metres.

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The bad weather affecting the region today.
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