Fires Spread

Today with a strong breeze the fires I mentioned in my last post started to spread, and throughout today many fires have broken out in the Monte and São Roque areas, with another in São Antonio.
This below is translated from the Diario.
 The City of Funchal just announced that decided to activate the Municipal Emergency Plan. The CMF, a note signed by the vice president Pedro Calado, explains that because of the developments of the fires in the county, particularly in the highlands of the Hill and parishes of St. Roque, decided to activate the Municipal Emergency Plan for Civil Protection, the from 18 hours of Friday.
At 19.30 to the Municipal Civil Protection will give a press conference at the premises of the headquarters of the Municipal Civil Protection Service.
Prior to that, also the Regional Service of Civil Protection is the balance of a hard day in the two parishes with fires that are still active and very close also to get to Saint Anthony, locality where the afternoon was said to have already reached the fire, which will not be confirmed. For now, the fires ravage woodlands of Mount San Roque and in some places very close to residential areas.
It is now 10.30 pm and fires are still burning, and getting closer to homes, the fire department are doing a great job especially with the wind.
A friend has been sending me photos throughout the day which you can see below.
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