Weather Update

Have been out and about today the weather is not to bad, on Pico do Areeiro the wind was really picking up and the temp was showing 3 degrees, to the north it was just cloud, the south has stayed mainly sunny and warm all day. The wind was picking up in Caniçal and also Funchal, but Caniço and Garajau were very calm, and it still is very calm in Caniço.
The wind elsewhere is strong and gusts of 117kmph have been recorded on Pico do Areeiro, and 116kmph in Caniçal. A tree in Santo Antonio has fallen onto a house causing damage to the roof and blocking a road, and in the Nuns Valley there have also been fallen trees with the road blocked for a time.
Santo Antonio
The airport of Madeira has had 2 flights from Lisbon return back to Lisbon after strong gusts meant the planes had difficulty to land.
Waves in the North are still expected to reach maximum heights of 12-14 meters, and if any photos come in I will post them here, and keep this tread updated with any other news.

The night seemed to be calm, the wind was strong and brought down a few trees but the waves seem to have not materialised, another sunny day in the south although it is forecast for some rain and more cloud in the north.

In Lisbon a hail storm has covered an area with hail stones causing a few problems but clearing nice for the locals to see.
See the video Here 
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